What is the right ratio of content posts to sales posts?

I am a freelance photographer. I have done very little promotion except through social media. I have a Facebook page and Instagram set up. I want to continue to promote my services through these pages, but I was told I shouldn’t just be posting only when I have something to sell. What is the right ratio of content posts to sales posts?

ratio of content posts to sales posts

In our opinion, given your niche, we don’t think any of your posts should be “salesy”.

You have a great opportunity with content marketing to highlight your talent / portfolio.

You can provide how-to content or videos that discuss leveraging photography in specific business types that you want to engage with (restaurants for example).

You can discuss the specifics of how you got the shot (time of day, camera settings, motivation, etc.) and other relevant topics.

All of this content should drive folks back to your website where you can promote your service offerings and get folks to signup on an email list where you can then continue the dialog with the visitor building trust and authority over time until they are ready for your services.

You can also use your email list to offer incentives to motivate people to use your services as well.

Given your location in central Florida and depending on whether you can go to them or they will need to come to you, we suggest that you consider using PPC ads to grow your email list via Facebook and to target entrepreneurs and small business owners (such as restaurateurs) who need head shots & general business photography in the greater Orlando area with distance extensions to include over to Daytona Beach, FL to the East and Tampa, FL to the West (if you can go to them).

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