What works best in pitching to healthcare technology marketing directors?

I sell PR, content marketing, and consulting services to marketing leaders in the healthcare technology world. I believe I could do a more effective job of generating leads for my practice. What works best in pitching to healthcare technology marketing directors?

I already do a lot of social media and content marketing which has been moderately effective. These efforts do generate leads but not in a large enough number.

To step things up, I’m contemplating email introductions, email pitches, snail-mail letters (possibly with a premium included such as a Starbucks card), moderating a healthcare IT marketing meetup group, and writing a relevant newsletter for current and prospective clients. I can’t do them all at once. What do you suggest?

 pitching to healthcare technology marketing directors

Since you indicated that you leverage social media and content marketing and you have been moderately successful with this approach, we suggest you try scaling your outreach using Facebook ads.

You should import your current client email addresses and phone numbers into the Facebook advertising system and leverage Facebook’s look-a-like audience targeting feature.

Facebook will attempt to identify each of your uploaded clients in the Facebook ecosystem based on the email address and/or phone number.  Based on the Facebook users it identifies from this client upload, Facebook will attempt to find other users within Facebook that match the audience characteristics of your actual clients.

Facebook will then promote your ads to this “look-a-like” audience.

You didn’t indicate if you do much with video.  We suggest that you do some select, personalized “video consult” emails with some relevant information that can be immediately beneficial to your targeted prospects.  This will demonstrate your knowledge of their industry and problems and build some immediate credibility.  This should open the door for some follow-on conversations.

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