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“I strongly believe that having MIMI will decrease the amount of mistakes & errors made on a daily basis because patient’s personal health history, medications, allergies – the most important information will be there at your fingertips – which will decrease the amount of time and errors that we physicians make from lack of information. I highly recommend MIMI as a source of organizing your medical history.”

Dr. M. Pouparinas, M.D.

What is MIMI Medical? – Simply put, MIMI is a personal health record, or PHR.

The MIMI Medical Software helps you track, monitor, and update health care information over time so that you can be more engaged in managing your health and the health of your loved ones, be they young children, elderly parents, a spouse, or someone else while acting in the capacity of a healthcare surrogate or caregiver.

MIMI Medical Benefits:

  • Provides medical personnel with an easy to read, comprehensive snapshot of your health;
  • Reduces the risk of medication errors and/or medical mistakes;
  • May lead to early detection of inherited, genetic or chronic illnesses;
  • Can help reveal family patterns of disease;
  • Makes you and your family active participants in your health care;
  • Locally stored (i.e. not in the cloud) personal health record (Windows PC);
  • Simple to use and manage regardless of PC experience;

 Why I Created MIMI Medical:

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 MIMI Medical – Making Life Easier!

  • MIMI was created out of love for family.
  • It’s lifesaving.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s easy to understand.
  • And it’s easy to manage.
  • Moreover, it’s practical and affordable for everyone.
  • And MIMI is preferred by medical professionals.

MIMI Medical – The Practical Choice.

Having your personal health record in printed form gives you instant access to your critical healthcare information. This should translate into faster and better patient care. MIMI makes it easy to organize, maintain, and update this history.

MIMI Medical Product Demonstration:

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MIMI Medical Testimonials. What your friends and neighbors are saying…

I’m a Grandmother of 8. I have my Grandkids frequently for visits. I love that I have MIMI in case something happens while they are at my house – whether it’s for a Sunday afternoon after church, or if their parents are on vacation. Having kids running around you never know when something might go wrong. I always have MIMI handy.” – Emily P.

“My step-daughter told me to buy MIMI and I’m glad I did. Me and my husband were traveling and we were in an unfamiliar town when he became ill. We had to call 911 to get him to a hospital. I was so glad that I had our MIMI – – it is a God Send! It made everything easier and was a huge time saver. The hospital staff loved and appreciated MIMI as well. I would recommend MIMI to everyone!” – Jan V.

Super affordable way to get some peace of mind. I can’t keep up with what day it is much less what surgeries and medications my family has. Also great customer service.” – Joe M.

“I thought the program was very easy to use and intuitive. Your program has shown me that not only do I know little about my family’s medical information, I don’t know much about mine either! Thanks for creating this program!” – Brit F.

“If everyone had MIMI it would cut down on medical errors as well as save valuable time. MIMI is easy to read and well laid out. It is affordable for everyone and it is priceless to medical personnel. I highly recommend MIMI to all my patients.” – Richie J., Critical Care Nurse

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A Single, One-Time Payment
$39.99 (USD)
Absolutely No Monthly Fees!


(Up to 2 profiles)
A Single, One-Time Payment
$47.99 (USD)
Absolutely No Monthly Fees!


(Up to 4 profiles)
A Single, One-Time Payment
$59.99 (USD)
Absolutely No Monthly Fees!


(Up to 10 profiles)
A Single, One-Time Payment
$74.99 (USD)
Absolutely No Monthly Fees!

* Please Note: The MIMI Medical Software is for WINDOWS PCs Only.

MAC OSX is currently not supported.

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