Do I need a logo when I am just starting out?

A logo does not equal your brand.

It is part of your overall branding. Your brand is really a composite of who you are and what you do as well as how people perceive you in the market.

Do I Need a Logo

Your company name and domain name are the most critical components of establishing your online brand. A logo is a nice to have in the beginning but will become more important over time to aid in quick brand recognition, to establish trust, and to help visually set you apart from competitors.

Many companies when they are just starting out just pick a font style for their company name and get on with doing business. This is especially true in service-based businesses.

Many of today’s top companies are on their Nth logo redesign.  Case in point, let’s look at The Weather Channel.  They have gone through at least 3 variations of their logo since launching their online website,

Weather Dot Com Logo Variations

This occurred as the company shifted its focus from linear television to online to a mobile first strategy.

You might want to consider using Fiverr to generate a low cost “placeholder” logo.

If you do create a logo we suggest going for a rectangular shape or other elongated shape rather than a square. When you are using the logo you will find rectangles or other elongated shapes easier to incorporate in your designs and they will take less vertical space / height … which will be important when designing pages for display on today’s mobile devices.

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