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At Accretive Partnerships, Inc. we provide business development services to help business owners drive business growth and create long-term value for their organization from customers, markets, and relationships.

Accretive Partnerships’ services include partnership development, new product development, and strategic marketing.

Partnership development.  Accretive Partnerships can provide supplemental business development outreach services that help you accelerate your growth. We work with you to determine the appropriate target pool from which to prospect.  We search for companies meeting the agreed upon criteria.  We then identify the appropriate contacts at those companies.  Next we contact those prospects.  We begin a dialog on your behalf.  If there is a fit between their needs and your services and/or offerings, we develop and present proposals, in consultation with you, and we negotiate and construct agreements that are acceptable to all parties.  We then facilitate the execution of those agreements and work as a liaison between the parties to ensure the successful implementation of the agreed upon terms.  And finally we transition the ongoing account management to your staff.

New Product Development.  Accretive Partnerships can help you identify and incubate new offerings or optimize existing offerings. While we don’t provide actual development services ourselves.  We have a strategic relationship with an Argentinian-based development house that can provide complete solutions and/or supplemental development resources across a wide range of technologies, including but not limited to, in .NET, Java, PHP, Drupal, HTML / CSS / JS, AngularJS, Magento, Hybris, and Fluig. We can manage the process for you or simply make the introduction and allow you to work directly with the development house – your choice. All project managers speak English and the close proximity to the United States allows for easy communications (video calls / whiteboard sessions / status updates / real-time chat).  Argentina is 1 hour ahead of the East Coast and 4 hours ahead of the West Coast. In person meetings are also possible if the travel expense is justified.

Strategic Marketing. Accretive Partnerships can help you with digital advertising (display, sponsored content, and search) and Social Media to drive awareness of your brand. We can help you leverage content marketing to grow your email list and establish a communications path, ongoing dialog, and a relationship with prospects.  We can help you with marketing automation to segment prospects and to nurture prospects (building upon the relationship, establishing trust and authority within your niche) along a continuum from casual interest through to a sale. We can also help you leverage Social media and technology driven customer service tools to help continually delight your customers, enhance their loyalty, and create raving fans that accelerate your business growth even further.  A true virtuous circle.

Accretive Partnerships, Inc.

To discuss your needs, call Accretive Partnerships, Inc. at: (678) 954-6552.